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Sine Qua Non...

means 'without which is not.'

It refers to a key critical ingredient, or aspect of a larger whole.

Without this piece, the whole does not work.

You feel like your Business is like a Jigsaw puzzle that is never complete.

You work your tail off to get the pieces in the right place, only to find that you've got a pile more waiting for you.

Then you find that it's not just effecting your business.

You're bringing your frustrations home, that's when you are actually home. Which is less and less, and later and later.

Your kids aren't talking to you, the Dog thinks you're a burglar and your partner simply doesn't understand what you're going through!

... Then you find that it's not just effecting your business.

I guarantee you'll thank me when you've unlocked the Hidden Wealth in your Business...

After following Paul's methods I was able to grow my marketing business, take home more money and read my kids bedtime stories again.

John Dohn, Dohn For You Marketing

paul battrick - investor

How I help people like you.


Full or percentage buy outs through my network of investment partners I can help most business owners.

Growth Strategy

Let me help you to create a winning strategy that will drive growth in your organisation.

Exit Value

Let me help you to ensure you get the highest possible valuation for your exit.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Let me help you identify and control businesses that can compliment and grow your existing business.

Capital Raising

Let me help you to access the capital you need, when you need it, at the best terms.

Business Rescue

Often there are simple moves you can make to change the fortunes of your business, fast. Let me show you how.

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